Appso-Supro works with brands to develop sustainable strategies catered to their responsible use of materials, improved processes and better products. Focusing on improving product materials, education and finding innovative uses for waste that contribute to the design process.



In 2008 Kristen Nuttall completed her undergraduate degree at Colorado State University where she majored in Apparel Design and Production, focusing on couture craftsmanship and techniques. Following graduation, she moved to New York City. Working as an assistant designer for a large mass-market design house, she gained insight into the fashion industry, building experience in consumer trends, target markets and selling strategies. Kristen’s first introduction to ‘sustainable fashion’ came when she was selected as a finalist in a national competition to reduce waste in the production of outerwear.


In order to make a career change towards improvement, she applied for the first ever Masters program ‘Sustainability in Fashion’ in Berlin Germany. Her thesis focused on educating designers on the responsible use of fur and leather. She started Appso-Supro as a consultancy to help to educate designers on responsible material use and product creation for international Brands and Universities. Currently she is working as a Sustainability Designer for adidas in Germany.   


Education Lab


In order to create a better future we need mind-set change. Education is key in moving from a linear to circular economy. In order to create better products, we must understand where designers can make an impact. Material innovation is important in leading us away from our dependency on non-renewables. 


Material innovation is the first step, but putting these materials together in the right way in order to affect the after-life of the product is becoming increasingly crucial. From sourcing materials, to design, to using and disposing of products we need a new approach. Education will help to drive change – if we don’t know what the problems are, then how can we make it better?




Products can be used as exemplifiers to showcase  sustainable materials and processes. How we use, take-care of and dispose of products in the future will continue to evolve. Products can create awareness and change behavior not only for brands but for the user as well. Consumption habits arguably needs to be addressed; it is not only up to brands to create better products that aim to reduce emissions but consumers need to look at their buying behavior and what small steps they can take on a daily basis to reduce their individual emissions – everyone must do their part.







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